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The Last Stand: Union City


The Last Stand: Union City was created by Con Artist and Armor Games as a follow-up game to The Last Stand and The Last Stand 2. There are two game modes: Run & Gun and Survivor. Run & Gun mode is easy or normal difficultly, while Survivor mode provides you with a more realistic experience - you'll need food and sleep to survive just like real life. Food and sleep just restore your health in Run & Gun. You begin by creating your character with a fair number of physical customization options. Then you pick your occupation before the zombie outbreak, which determines your stats and sets up for a solid RPG. You can be anything from a farmer to a con artist.


The main keys are WSAD with the mouse. The cursor aims and right click attacks with whatever weapon you have equipped (you begin with your fists). You can also click on menu items at the bottom of the screen like your Character info, Backpack, Journal and Achievements, but there are keyboard short cuts as well for Character info and Backpack. A and D move left and right, W jumps and S crouches. Hold Shift to sprint, R to reload you gun if you have one equipped, F toggles your flashlight on and off, E activates an item or searches, Q or 1 and 2 alternates between your weapons in each hand and G gives a weapon to someone else or saves a companion. Keyboard shortcuts for the menu items are as follows: Tab, B or I opens your Backpack inventory and C opens your Character info. Once your Backpack or Character panels are open you simply click to interact.

Tips and Tricks

To loot something, like the car trunk at the beginning, you have to have your mouse cursor hovering over the trunk you want to loot and then press E when you see the white rectangle appear. You can become overburdened quickly and it will slow you down, so be aware of your carrying capacity and only pick up items you need. Sleeping restores your health, so find a bed if you're getting low.

Thanks For Playing!

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